Unconventional Exercises For The Unconventional-Minded

With our fast-paced, fast food-based lifestyle our hearts would give out from the high cholesterol and exertion were it not for the miracle of exercise. Where once our ancestors exerted themselves in physical labour and therefore burned all the unnecessary calories that they ate (if there was such a thing), today we need to exert ourselves by walking, jogging or working out to remain healthy.

Most people take the easiest route: take out a gym membership, go there regularly a few times every week and feel the results. However, there are others who dislike working out for the sake of the exercise. The thought of spending hours on various exercise machinery for the sake of burning a few calories is unappealing to them. So what is the alternative? Here are some unconventional (yet still popular) exercise regimes and workouts that will make you break a sweat, minus the boredom.

The ‘Sexy’ WorkoutThis one speaks to all women (and maybe even men) who are brave enough to embrace their sexuality and curves. It started with a New York based fitness centre that introduced pole dancing as a workout. Especially good for cardio with the help of personal trainer in Singapore, this workout is fun while being just as rigorous as any other. Pole dancing requires upper body strength from the arms and the core as it involves hanging and swinging from a vertical pole. This means that your muffin top and flabby arms will shrink in no time, if that’s your goal. Unlike the versions in strip clubs, this pole dancing routines do not require minimal clothing, but it does require concentration, strength and dedication – all good things.

The ‘Balanced’ WorkoutThis is for the ones who hate the verve and chaos of a pumped up dance workout; yoga has been home to many people pursuing peace of mind at the same time as fitness. Known originally as a meditation technique, yoga has caught on especially in the West for its ability to deliver hard-core fitness alongside an oasis of calm. This is an especially attractive combination for people leading busy, bustling lives with no time for cooling off; exercise and mental relaxation then becomes a package deal for them. This involves some complicated positions and intense stretching so it’s advisable to start off with proper guidance. Once you have the hang of it, you can practice at home.

The Defensive WorkoutThis is not something that should be pursued solely for the sake of fitness but martial arts are a great way to get into shape. There are a million and one martial arts styles in the world, from the more popular and famous ones like Kung Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do to less well known but equally demanding and deadly Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Aikido. If practiced properly under a trained and qualified mater, martial arts instil discipline and self-control as much as it teaches you to defeat an opponent because most martial arts are defensive manoeuvres, not offensive ones.