Starting A Small Tuition Class In Your Home

If you are looking to earn some extra money outside of your full time job, you might want to consider giving classes in your home. Everyone has a talent of their own and you do not need to have any high end qualifications in order to give classes in certain subjects. As an example, if your first language is English and if you are fluent in English, you should be able to give classes to those who are not native English speakers. You can just give Basic English classes and while you will be able to make some extra money, you will also be able to help someone. Having a knowledge of the English language can drastically increase a person’s ability to get a better job or to get a promotion and therefore, starting a small business like this can help a lot of people to rise in their stations in life.

Getting your home ready

You can do home tuition in Singapore which means that you will not have to spend big money on rent and deposit on a location but it is important that you get a certain area of your home ready for you to have classes. You can have a store room or one of your extra rooms converted in to a class room. You will need to paint the room white and add some acoustic ceiling lighting to the room to make it easier for the students to study.

Of course, this is not very urgent at the beginning and you can start with the room as it is and slowly improve the facilities that you provide and with this, you will be able to increase the prices as well.You will need to buy a few essentials like flexible office whiteboards so that you can write the exercises for bigger groups. If you are going to have only individual classes, this will not be necessary but with time, you will have to increase the number of students per class to make it worth your while financially. If you have anything more than three students in a class, the facilities that you provide in the class will have to be different in order to give each student equal attention. In the months before you start your business, it would be a good idea to study different teaching techniques and to brush up on the subject yourself online. Knowing a subject perfectly does not necessarily mean that you will be able to teach the subject.