Should Parents Consider Online Tutoring Classes For Mathematics?

If you question students in a class of about 30 students about tuition, almost every child would say that they attend extra classes. At present, additional tutoring has become a trend that parents and students are drawn to. As a fact, children attend private classes, centres, online tutoring and so on. The title of this article focuses on online tutoring. There’s a great deal of arguments among parents, when they decide on getting the child extra help. As a fact, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear many opting for online coaching. However, parents do have doubts about it and educators raise concerns regarding it.
What are the concerns on online classes? Should parents consider it or not? These are several questions that parents have in mind. Given the above, at present, technology has revolutionized the education system as well. Allowing students, teachers, lecturers, etc. at access vast amounts of data and resources. However, when a subject such as math is being taught, will it be effective? Shouldn’t the child receive more individual attention? Here’s a brief view of opting for online courses for math:
• E-learning has been in use and practiced for a considerable time. In fact, it has been useful to those who cannot afford private or IB math tuition at centres. The learning materials are easily accessible to those enrolling for these classes.
• On the positive aspect of it, online classes allow the tutor to keep records and compare the progress through the system. As a fact, making it easier to identify the areas where the child requires extra attention. Additionally, allowing to share student work and other learning materials more conveniently and faster.
• Moreover, most children find it quite convenient to execute math problems online than done manually. Also, since the assessments are automated, students adapt to this method easily. However, the drawback of it is that, getting too used to it, might affect the performance in schools (e.g. using of online calculators).
• Online O level and A Level h2 math tuition in Singapore wouldn’t a good option for students. As these examinations are a big hurdle and significant. Therefore, students should receive more one-on-one support from teachers. As a fact, the student would be able to understand basics and clarify questions directly.
First and foremost, every child has a unique learning style that they are adjusted to. Therefore, while this method would be practical on child, it wouldn’t work out for another. Moreover, as youngsters are exposed to this medium, parents should be watchful. There are many uses of it, however, parents should weigh between the positives and negatives to come to a decision.