Largest Automotive Manufacturers In The World

We live in a world where people travel and move about all the time. Transportation is very important to us. There are many options if we want to travel from A to B. Trains, buses, trams, vans and cars can be used to travel. The most comfortable option is to travel by your own vehicle. There are many automotive manufacturers and the automotive market is highly saturated and competitive.

Toyota Motor CorporationToyota was founded in 1937 as is the currently the largest car manufacturer in the world. Toyota overtook Volkswagen to become the world’s largest car manufacturer in 2012. Toyota was the first auto manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles a year. Their most successful car is the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota is also the market leader in hybrid electrical vehicles and their most popular hybrid car line is the Prius. Toyota has planned to build vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells and electric vehicles to be released before 2020. There are many breakthroughs in 3D printing with metal and this may be utilized in the future.

Volkswagen GroupVolkswagen is an automotive manufacturer from Germany and the second largest car manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1937 Volkswagen owns Audi, Bentley, Porsche, SEAT, Lamborghini and Skoda.

Volkswagen has faced controversy mainly regarding their emission scandal. Volkswagen had programmed their diesel engines to control its emission during emission testing. This deeply affected Volkswagen which resulted in many recalls, lawsuits and change in management to the company.

Currently Volkswagen has changed most of their policies and has planned to build a high number of electric cars. Volkswagen has also released a commercial regarding how modern cars utilize 3D printing in metal and how designing a modern car would be impossible without three dimensional printing technology.

General MotorsThis is an American company founded in 1908. They operate under 12 brands which are Chevrolet, Holden, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, HSV, Vauxhall, Opel, Wuling, Jie Fang, Baojun, and Ravon. The current General motors was formed in 2009 after their previous bankruptcy.

Renault – Nissan AllianceThe Renault – Nissan Alliance was formed between Renault a French company and Nissan a Japanese company. The world best-selling all electric car is the Nissan Leaf and is owned by the Alliance. This alliance has been beneficial for both parties and has increased their sales to become the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world.

Hyundai GroupThe Hyundai group was found in 2000. The headquarters is situated in Seoul, South Korea. It is the third largest car manufacturer in Asia and the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world. Even though Hyundai enjoys high sales, its profits have fallen due to their local currencies rise in value.

These are the top 5 automotive manufacturers in the world. This list has never been constant and they tend to change every year. In these recent years electrical and hybrid vehicles have risen in demand and the automotive landscape may change considerably in a decade or so.