Infant Presents – Quick Suggestions

For those who are clueless on what to take when you go to see a baby and its mamma for the first time, or if you are attending a party thrown in their honour, here is a guide to what you can get in a hurry.

Nappies and DiapersThis is a great newborn baby gift because it is something that is 100% useful and will cause no problems. The little one will run through nappies like a windmill and diapers are also essential in the first few days while he/she is still adjusting to normal sleeping patterns. Any store that stocks baby goods will have these and if you can’t go to a specialty store, try going to a supermarket or drug store; they usually stock many different varieties as well. While parents may not be too fussy about what kind it is, try to be environmentally conscious and buy biodegradable diapers just in case.

Toys and Other EntertainmentIf you look for baby gifts online then you will get a good selection of toys that are matched to their age group from a few weeks old to a few years. Mobiles are great for little ones younger than 6 months since they will spend most of their time on their backs, in their cots staring at the ceiling. A mobile with a soothing melody and creative colourful images will help stimulate their brains. Avoid toys that are too loud, too flashy and or move too fast since they can disturb and distress the child so early in the game. Some of these toys can even trigger epileptic fits so check for the label before getting them.

Clothes and ClothsChildren grow rapidly during the first few weeks of their life so these may not be the ideal gifts to take. They will soon outgrow everything you take, even the larger sizes. However, you can always take clothes that will fit them eventually, when they are around 1 year old. Also be mindful about the gender of the clothes as some parents prefer gender-neutral clothes and others want them strictly segregated. Cloths however, are a really good thing to take as they will need all kinds of cloth for various purposes like holding the infant, laying them on the bed or cot, to lay in a stroller etc. A few fluffy options in soft pastel colours will be a wonderful thing to take.

There are many other presents you can take, including savings bonds, things for the parents, breast pumps, diaper carriers etc. so whatever you buy, put the child first.