The Right People For The Right Job

It is important to know the right people to hire when you are setting up a business venture. You may not be able to hire many people at first, but whoever you do have to be key figures that will help you expand and develop your business. Here are some of the most important people you need to hire or at least, be in touch with.

Experts in the Field

If you don’t have people who understand the industry and know it inside and out, you will not be able to sustain it for long. Even if you have all the expert knowledge necessary to begin the business, you will need a partner soon to shoulder the task load equally. If you are in construction for instance, someone who has been through a multi skills scheme is a valuable asset because they will have a variety of abilities and competencies that can be put to good use. It is important to have a multi-tasker in the fold when you start out because you will invariably have to do a lot of work by yourself at first.

Being Safe

Find someone who is an expert in safety, a bizsafe level 3 consultant at least who will be able to put in place safety regulations. This is important if your business is in a dangerous field. In construction for instance, there are internationally recognized systems with protocols for a variety of different danger scenarios that include what to wear onsite, what to do in case of fire, how to handle an explosion etc. Some businesses dispense with these positions because they view them as additional expenditure but they are an important part of making you a responsible company.

Legal Aid

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a business, especially when you are setting up. An accountant can do the initial setting up but when it comes to employee bonds and client contracts, it is better to have a lawyer by your side. Get in early and hire someone who has not made a big name for themselves yet, and will not charge you monstrous fees. Keep them on a retainer because you never know when you will need a lawyer defending you in court. Sometimes, the opposite is also true. You might need to take legal action against someone who is defaming yourself or your company. In such instances, it is better to be pre-represented because then there is the possibility of settling out of court. 

Don’t scrimp when it comes to these personnel; they will be the cornerstone of your business.