Zack Zero Brings Side Scrolling Action Gaming to the Playstation Network

zack zero22s2

2D, or in this case 2.5D, gaming is a genre that seems to never been given much of a chance.  During the 32-Bit era of the Playstation One and Sega Saturn (and even the Nintendo 64) it appeared that we were going to start getting these types of games regularly.  Nope.  Not quite.  There are a few developers/publishers that care though, like Crocodile Entertainment and their title, Zack Zero for the Playstation Network on PS3.

Set on a planet of unknown origin, similar to Metroid, Zack Zero kicks off the festivities with some basics to get players integrated to the playstyle they face (good move).  Get ready though, Zack Zero is graphically awesome and sure to give gamers a run for their oldschool gaming credibility.

Zack Zero by Crocodile Entertainment
Platform: Playstation Network for PS3
Genre: 2.5D Side Scrolling Action
Rated:  E for Everyone
Available now on the Playstation Network for PS3.

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