Today in Retro Gaming – Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits (PS1)

Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits

(Editor’s Note: This should have been released on the 10th of April, but a mix-up resulted in that not happening.  We apologize for being late.)

It’s April 10th, 1996, and you walk into your favorite game store.  When what to your wondering eyes should appear on the New Release shelf but a compilation of six arcade games from your youth!  Amazed at the opportunity to relive these classics, you whip out that cash and take home the black-backed CD, wondering if nostalgia really is all its cracked up to be.  Later when you’re sitting in front of the TV set, with the volume set way too high from the movie you watched last night, you pop in your disc.

“BEWARE!  I LIVE!!” bellows forth from the speakers.  Your father jumps out of his easy chair.  Glass shatters in the kitchen as your sister drops her Mountain Dew.  The dog starts barking.  Mom’s picking up the phone to call 911.  Neighbors are banging on the door to make sure you’re OK.  Sinistar, you think to yourself with a wry grin.  It’s still scary, bitches.  Welcome to Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits on PS1.  Welcome home.

Want to experience arcade-perfect ports of Joust, Defender, Defender II, Robotron: 2084, Bubbles, and (heh heh…) Sinistar?  Here are your infinite arcade tokens with access to the dip switches.  Go ahead, feel like a kid again.  Sadly the ad for this one isn’t all that inspiring, but these games really do speak for themselves.

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