Today in Retro Gaming: San Francisco Rush (PS1)

San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing on Playstation.  Come to think of it, “celebration” might be the wrong word here.  So instead, today in retro gaming, we wish Climax Group had never ported this awesome arcade racer to home systems back in 1998.  Proceed with caution.

San Francisco Rush showcases how not to translate an arcade game to the TV screen.  It’s rife with every problem imaginable: ridiculously long load times, polygonal graphics that look laughably lo-res even for the PS1, and a frame rate so low it could win a limbo contest.  Maybe if it offered competent play control and didn’t have that annoying announcer yelling “RUSH!” every few seconds, we’d be more inclined to give it a pass.

But no.  Sometimes you just have to lace up the boots and start kicking.  This version of San Francisco Rush is one of those times.  Even if you’re just dying to relive the arcade days of yore, stay far, far away from this travesty.  Midway Arcade Treasures 3 on the PS2 or Xbox offers the emulated arcade experience you want to remember, and is nearly as inexpensive to acquire.

Sometimes gaming ads exaggerate.  Sometimes they hit the bullseye.  Sometimes they hit a target they weren’t even aiming for.  Such is this case with this ad–something’s going to hurt, all right.  It’s just going to be your fist as you shove it through the wall.  Again, and again, and again.

San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

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