Today in Retro Gaming: Raven Project (PS1)

The Raven Project

Today in Retro Gaming, we…erm…well, let’s just say we mark the day The Raven Project was released on an unsuspecting UK populace.  March 25, 1997 probably isn’t a day worth marking a calendar over, but we’re doing it here at Gaming on Sony so you never, ever make the mistake of picking up this turd.  Not that the ad we’re featuring would have inspired you anyway.

The Raven Project is one of those games that makes you wonder why anybody bothered.  Originally developed for the PC in 1995, the initial success of the Playstation made developers look around to see what could be ported easily for a quick buck.  Somebody at Cryo Interactive looked at this on-rails space-themed shooter and thought, “Yes, that will do nicely!” despite the fact that Descent, Colony Wars, and Wing Commander had all beaten them to the punch.

And how bad is it?  Look at the word “on-rails” up there.  That’s right, The Raven Project doesn’t even have the decency to let you fly around yourself.  You just watch he scenery go by planet-side or in the vacuum of space and shoot pretty much everything that moves.  It’s a blocky, boring mess made even blockier and more boring in the translation to the Playstation and the lack of mouse support.  Cryo Interactive was better known for their adventure titles on the PC (Lost Eden and Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure come to mind), not to mention a pretty darn good Dune RTS on the Amiga, so why they thought this was a good idea is anybody’s guess.  Referencing pulling teeth and Men At Work in your ad won’t win you any friends either, even in 1997:

The Raven Project

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