Today in Retro Gaming – Doom (PS1)


It took a few years, but Midway ported the PC classic Doom to the Playstation and unleashed Hell on earth all over again back on this day in 1995.  Almost two decades later, we’re still playing Doom on our Playstation consoles thanks to the release of iD’s incredible trilogy earlier this year.  Got your shotgun handy?

What, honestly, is there left to say or write about Doom?  ID Software’s nightmarish first-person shooter started kicking our asses all the way back in 1993.  It’s been released on more than a dozen systems, from the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, making it one of the most-ported games of all time.  It’s been the subject of a best-selling nonfiction work, an execrable comic book, half a dozen novels, a making-of book, enough strategy guides and level design manuals to fill a shelf, a feature film, and tens of thousands of customized levels, mods, hacks, upgrades, source ports, and conversions.  Statistically speaking there’s a better chance that you’ve won the lottery as opposed to having at least one parent who never played Doom.

So I’m not going to even pretend I’ve got anything coherent I can add to the discussion.  I’ll just leave this here, and leave you to wistfully recall those good old days of gaming when you could actually use that Link Cable to play Deathmatch.

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