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Today in retro gaming, we remember Courier Crisis for the Playstation, released in 1997, in which Paperboy found himself all grown up, living in the big city, and turning to the life of insanity known as ‘bicycle courier’ to pay the bills.  “Grand Theft Schwinn”?  Eh…not exactly.

Courier Crisis got a lot of flak from the gaming press back in the day, with Gamespot, IGN and EGM all delivering a series of scathing, less-than-favorable reviews.  But I don’t share this mindset.  I’ll be the first one to readily agree Courier Crisis suffers from some faults–it’s far from perfect and could have used some additional development work.  At the same time, I can’t honestly claim it’s the sort of game that merits a 3/10, because despite its issues I had a ton of fun playing it.  At the end of the day, if you had more fun and laughs than you had grumbly moments, the game worked.  That’s been my philosophy as a player and reviewer for years.

It’s unfortunate that New Level never got the chance to improve on this game with a sequel.  A second Courier Crisis would have given them the same type of opportunities afforded to Rockstar when they made the second Grand Theft Auto.  Assuming they ran with those opportunities in a similar fashion, they’d have wound up with a hit on their hands every bit as enjoyable as Sega’s Crazy Taxi.  And let’s face it, when a game designates one button on your controller for the express purposes of flipping people off, you know there are some developers just dying to put that into a sequel.

Courier Crisis won’t win any awards for doing anything better than anybody else, but it’s a shame it never got the chance to try again.

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