Today in Retro Gaming: Agile Warrior F-111X (PS1)

Agile Warrior F111X

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of Agile Warrior: F-111X on the Playstation.  Released on the 2nd of November in 1995, Agile Warrior arrived on the heels of its launch title competition (Air Combat) by two months.  To stand out from the small crowd of flight simulators appearing on Sony’s machine, Virgin Entertainment’s marketing department designed an ad to show just how dangerous their Black Ops Entertainment-developed product really was.Agile Warrior’s storyline plunks the player into the flight helmet of an unnamed air force veteran who gets to fly the unbelievable.  The F-111X is a prototype aircraft built for high-speed mobility in dogfights with enhanced terrain and weapon guidance systems allowing for air-to-surface strikes as well.  Its purpose isn’t to patrol our airspace or take pretty recon pictures.  It exists solely to engage and destroy targets on land, sea, and air.  It has upgradable missile systems, enemy detection radar, and stealth cloaking technology.  It makes thousands of Julianne fries from your terrorist enemies.  In short: you want one on your side.

Agile Warrior: F111-X is a short-but-sweet experience comprising plenty of arcade action and combat across its six different missions.  Being a first-gen title it’s easy to find flaws: terrain pop-up is ubiquitous, enemy design isn’t very inspired, and you’ll never quite shake the feeling you’re holding a control pad instead of a flight stick.  But for all that, it plays like a very worthy successor to Sega’s Afterburner series. It can be found for peanuts in the online second-hand market too, so it won’t break the bank to add it to your collection.  And now, just as we promised, here’s how you would have learned about the F111-X in the gaming press of 1995:

agile warrior f-111x playstation

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