Today in History: Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Hits Playstation One on January 31st, 1997

battle arena toshinden 3 playstation takara 3d fighting retro (6)

When the Playstation One originally was released, it brought with it a lot of new and interesting games that were not seen before.  Games that simply were not capable of being realized on earlier consoles were finally running wild on this newcomer console by Sony.  One of those games was Battle Arena Toshinden and it caught Sega off guard by a large margin- the best they had to offer was Virtua Fighter in response and that game was long past it’s popularity window.

The second sequel was a drastic change from the previous entries by enclosing the arenas that were used for battles and when performing a super move, the backgrounds simply disappeared.  As with most fighting games, the third entry was not considered the best but it certainly brought with it a lot of characters, gameplay updates and improved graphics and a dash of broken gameplay.

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 is not available in digital format yet so your only choice is to find a used copy and play it that way.

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