The Walking Dead Survival Instinct in Stores Across the UK Today

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The Walking Dead, AMC Television’s hit show, now has another game to add to the short list, The Walking Dead Survival Insctinct for all major gaming consoles.  Just hitting the streets of the UK today, Survival Instinct is set to continue the tradition of scares and a storyline that keeps gamers entangled in the game world.

Zombies are abound, as usual, and it is up to the player to survive- but can you?  Playing Daryl Dixon in the Georgia countryside is not going to be easy as fans of the show surely expect. 

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct by Activision
Platform: Playstation 3
Genre: Horror/FPS/License
Rated: 18 by PEGI
Available now in most game stores in the UK.



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