The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct First Game Play Screen Shots

the walking dead amc zombies playstation 3 (8)

The Walking Dead on AMC Television has made zombies fun for the whole family, well most of the family anyhow.  We have been fighting zombies in gaming since the early days of blocky graphics and pixels so sharp they could put an eye out.  The big time hit for zombies when Capcom released Resident Evil on the original Playstation (and have kept the series alive in movies and games across many platforms).  

Zombies on television though have usually been relegated to the animated kind, and in comedic roles at that (Simpsons anyone?) until The Walking Dead debuted that is.  AMC changed the rules up quite a bit and it has paid off in spades for them.  The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct hits March 29th.

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