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Today in Retro Gaming – Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)

If you’ve ever found yourself watching an action movie and thought, “Pfffft!  I could do that!” then the August 1996 release of Die Hard Trilogy was your chance to prove it.  UK-based developer Probe Entertainment, already known for a pair of rock-solid Mortal Kombat adaptations for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, stepped up to the plate with […]

x-men vs street fighter psone (2)

Today in History – June 11th, 1998: X-Men vs. Street Fighter Limps Onto the PSOne

Capcom, ever the company to give gamers what they wanted in the 32-Bit days (unless you were a Sega Saturn gamer that is) were more than happy to oblige fans by dropping a, rather limited, version of X-Men vs Street Fighter into their grubby Playstation One playing hands.  Yes, this version of the game is […]

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Today in History: April 30th, 1998 – Hot Shots Golf Changed Golf Gaming Forever on PSOne

Looking back and seeing how great game series started is easy, it was much harder back then to pick what games would become a series unto their own though.  Take Hot Shots Golf by Sony for the Playstation One (we called it simply, Playstation back then).  When this game was released, it was kind of […]

sega castle of illusion remake playstation 3 pc xbox 360 (1)

Castle of Illusion Remake Coming to PS3

Sega is reviving a classic action platformer from the Genesis days- the glory days of 16-Bit, when action platform games were great and extremely well animated.  The original was a beloved title for many fans and this remake is shaping up to be cool as hell- check the pics below:


Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Now Available on Amazon, PSN to Follow

Overhead scrolling shooter fans know the name Under Defeat, even if you have never owned a Sega Dreamcast you probably have heard about this title.  If not, then here you go.  This genre is one that is getting scarcer and scarcer as we “improve” in gaming hardware and it is a shame to see it […]

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