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Today In Retro Gaming: Alundra (PS1)

There’s nothing like a good action/RPG hybrid to close out the year, and December 31st, 1997 saw the US release of this adventure on the original Playstation by Working Designs, the now-defunct purveyors of Japanese awesome.  As the titular silent protagonist, you alone have the power to enter the dreams of others and do battle […]

Kartia (or Rebus if you're in Japan)

Today in Retro Gaming: Kartia (PS1)

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of Kartia: The Word of Fate on the Playstation with a beautiful full-page magazine ad from back in the day.  Released in the US on July 31, 1998, Kartia is one of those games which slipped through the cracks of the RPG market in the wake of […]

Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness

Today in Retro Gaming – Tecmo’s Deception (PS1)

By 1996, Nintendo of America had started to relax its policies on censorship.  Gamers saw violence-laden releases of Mortal Kombat II and III on the Super Nintendo after the Genesis version of the original outsold the SNES’s by a factor of three-to-one.  But despite loosening up restrictions on depictions of blood and violence, there were […]

atelier iris eternal mana playstation 2 nis america role playing game (2)

Today in History- June 28th, 2005: Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Comes to America

Strategy role playing games (RPG) have always been on the back burner for both developers and publishers in the console market.  While the reasons for this are unclear, it is clear that gamers that don’t speak/read Japanese fluently have missed out on a lot of good strategy RPG’s over the years.  Titles like Shining Force […]


Hell Raid for Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 Screens

Techland have released some new screens for their upcoming Playstation 3 hack and slash action title, Hell Raid (it is coming to PC and Xbox 360 too if you are interested). Featuring not only a story driven single player campaign, Hell Raid will also offer multiplayer modes with four players pitted against both enemies and […]

King's Field Box

Today in Retro Gaming – King’s Field (PS1)

King’s Field was released in February in the US but one of our editors decided he needed sleep more than he needed work, so we had to move this feature to March to celebrate the game’s UK launch.  Said editor has become 200% more productive since we cut off his eyelids, and we apologize for […]

The Granstream Saga

Today in Retro Gaming: The Granstream Saga (PS1)

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the European release of The Granstream Saga with an ad that explains exactly why you should be excited about playing it in a post-Final Fantasy VII world.

final fantasy tactics psone playstation strategy ivalice (1)

Today in History: January 28th, 1998- Final Fantasy Tactics is Released on the Playstation One

My first interaction with the world of Ivalice was with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance version of this game, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I was hooked for over a year trying to strategically tackle the battles, upgrade my characters and continue the overall story.  I eventually forgot the story and gave up on trying […]

mars wars log playstation 3 action rpg (1)

Mars Wars Log Exclusive Shots For Playstation 3

A new action RPG on the horizon that we think is worth preparing for is Mars Wars Log on the Playstation 3.  Why?  Check out the shots, it has a serious futuristic steampunk feel to it, a cross eyed blond and some serious graphical power behind it.  Now we have to wait to see if […]

demons souls 1

Demons Souls Hits PSN for PS3

Demon’s Souls is finally available on the Playstation Network for Playstation 3 0wners to enjoy without having to let ave their homes and brave the wild untamed world of reality.  Fight dragons, demons and other multi story tall creatures (thanks God of War and Shadows of Colossus) and try to survive the onslaught and save […]

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