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disney's lilo and stitch playstation one 3d collect (2)

Today in History: June 18th, 2002- Disney’s Lilo and Stitch is Released on Playstation One

With Disney in the news lately thanks to their purchase of LucasFilms, and subsequent announcement that they are closing down LucasArts, it only made sense to cover this Disney movie licensed game. Disney isn’t all bad, they did license Capcom to remake Ducktales afterall (coming this Summer some time).

roswell conspiracies aliens vampires werewolves (2)

Today in History – June 13th, 2001: Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends Conspires With Your PSOne

Licensed properties and gaming have gone together since the beginning of gaming really.  We had E.T. (if ever so badly received, right or wrongly) and other movies like Porky’s, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others on the Atari 2600.  Television took a little longer to get into the licensing mix (who can name the first television […]

x-men vs street fighter psone (2)

Today in History – June 11th, 1998: X-Men vs. Street Fighter Limps Onto the PSOne

Capcom, ever the company to give gamers what they wanted in the 32-Bit days (unless you were a Sega Saturn gamer that is) were more than happy to oblige fans by dropping a, rather limited, version of X-Men vs Street Fighter into their grubby Playstation One playing hands.  Yes, this version of the game is […]

broken helix konami psone psx retro bruce campbell burn notice (1)

Today in History – June 8th, 1997: Broken Helix Brings Bruce Campbell to PSOne

Besides haveing a main character voiced by soon to be out of work Burn Notice co-star, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead star, a campy horror title that recently got, badly, remade). Konami was not scared to try new things back in the PSOne days, Broken Helix is not exactly their normal fare for games. Featuring “4-D” […]


A Glitch in the Machine – Five Great PS1 Bugs

Once upon a time, the closest a gaming company got to patching a console game was fixing the code and releasing a new version of the cartridge. Squaresoft did this with Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo, releasing a v1.1 that fixed a few problems including the infamous “Sketch” glitch, but it did so […]

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