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suikogaiden volume 2 fan translation

Bandit Gaming: Gensō Suikogaiden Volume 2 on Playstation One Fan Translation Released

Suikoden was one of those surprise releases on Playstation One back in the mid to late 1990’s from Konami. Having been lucky enough to play it when it first released helps with understanding the value of this fan translation of volume 2 of the digital/visual novels (think Choose Your Own Adventure books but in a […]

bottom of the 9th

Today in Retro Gaming: Bottom of the 9th ’99 (PS1)

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of Bottom of the 9th ’99. This was the last of Konami’s baseball games released in their ‘XXL Sports’ series. It made its final play for the pennant on August 31st, 1998, the same day Rickey Henderson of the Oakland Athletics scored his 2,000th career home run.  […]

broken helix konami psone psx retro bruce campbell burn notice (1)

Today in History – June 8th, 1997: Broken Helix Brings Bruce Campbell to PSOne

Besides haveing a main character voiced by soon to be out of work Burn Notice co-star, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead star, a campy horror title that recently got, badly, remade). Konami was not scared to try new things back in the PSOne days, Broken Helix is not exactly their normal fare for games. Featuring “4-D” […]

metal gear revengeance konami playstation 3 (17)

DLC Added for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Yay! We Got the Name Right This Time!)

Besides my obvious glee about getting the name right in the title, Konami has announced some cool DLC for early adopters of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on the Sony Playstation 3 (sure it is probably on those other inferior systems but who cares about those?).  Basically, fans will get a free code to unlock a […]

metal gear revengeance konami playstation 3 (17)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Exclusive Shots for Playstation 3

Metal Gear, the series that Konami simply cannot mess up, well sure they could if they really tried but let’s face it, they could name a Bejeweled clone Metal Gear: Puzzle and it would still sell millions of copies.  Revengeance is the soon to be released latest game in the series for Playstation 3.


A Glitch in the Machine – Five Great PS1 Bugs

Once upon a time, the closest a gaming company got to patching a console game was fixing the code and releasing a new version of the cartridge. Squaresoft did this with Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo, releasing a v1.1 that fixed a few problems including the infamous “Sketch” glitch, but it did so […]


PSP Classics #1: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles by Konami

We have seen ports, updates and re-releases throughout gaming since the early days.  The early days were big on this method of cheap new games to sell to owners of newer hardware.  For the most part these re-releases are straight ports, maybe with a frame rate improvement of some sort (usually by virtue of being […]

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