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Girls of Ultra Street Fight IV

Fans of Ultra Street Fighter IV will want to check out these pics from the game, promotional art and exclusives we grabbed ourselves.  All mixed together for your enjoyment are the girls of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

tron bonne 4

Today in History: May 5th, 2000 – The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Lands on PSOne

Capcom, at the time of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne’s release, were not really known for going very far outside of the box of success (how many Street Fighter 2 variations did we get over the first 10 years after it’s release?).  That is what makes this title so interesting, the gameplay and story being […]

bloody roar 2 playstation one sony fighting beast street fighter tekken 3 (2)

Today in History: April 30th, 1999 – Bloody Roar 2 Tackles PSOne

Back during the 32-Bit days, fighting games were huge, bigger than they are today that is for sure.  Gaming companies were all trying to get in on the fighting game craze that showed no signs of slowing down (it arguably started with Street Fighter II in the early 90’s).  We saw Sonic (and eventually Mario […]

battle arena toshinden 3 playstation takara 3d fighting retro (6)

Today in History: Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Hits Playstation One on January 31st, 1997

When the Playstation One originally was released, it brought with it a lot of new and interesting games that were not seen before.  Games that simply were not capable of being realized on earlier consoles were finally running wild on this newcomer console by Sony.  One of those games was Battle Arena Toshinden and it […]

gods among us dc comics playstation 3 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us Featuring Batman, The Flash and Superman Exclusive Shots

Continuing our dedication to our readers and getting them the best exclusive screens possible (we do our best to not run PR supplied pics that EVERYONE else has).  Keeping that philosophy going is our second set of Injustice: Gods Among Us screens (the first set featured the girls) featuring the guys.  

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