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Final Fantasy VIII

Today in Retro Gaming – Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of Final Fantasy VIII on the Playstation with this rather, uh, “iconic” ad from the pages of GamePro magazine back in 1999.  Final Fantasy VIII is the story of how one game company and one system manufacturer worked together to perfectly sabotage the holy living shit out […]


Today in History: January 30th, 2000 – Rayman 2: Revolution Hits the Playstation 2

Ubisoft has proven time and time again that they are a premiere publisher on all platforms. One title that Ubisoft hit paydirt with is the Rayman series, the reason for this look back. Specifically, the Playstation 2 version which was not all that different than the other versions made available, still has qualities that set […]

jak and daxter collection

Today in History: December 4th, 2001: Jak and Daxter Released on Playstation 2

I was a late 3D platformer blooming gamer, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with Super Mario 64 five years earlier and I was quite happy having missed out on so many “me too” titles over the years on various platforms such as PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. I simply was not interested in wandering around […]


Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Now Available on Amazon, PSN to Follow

Overhead scrolling shooter fans know the name Under Defeat, even if you have never owned a Sega Dreamcast you probably have heard about this title.  If not, then here you go.  This genre is one that is getting scarcer and scarcer as we “improve” in gaming hardware and it is a shame to see it […]

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