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aquapazzle anime fighting playstation 3 (2)

AquaPazza, Team Utawarerumono Screens

Coming to the Playstation 3 this November, AquaPazza is a 2D side scrolling anime fighting game hitting on November 19th. The version we are getting in the United States will feature the current, up to date, game from Japanese arcades (currently at version 2.01).

tron bonne 4

Today in History: May 5th, 2000 – The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Lands on PSOne

Capcom, at the time of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne’s release, were not really known for going very far outside of the box of success (how many Street Fighter 2 variations did we get over the first 10 years after it’s release?).  That is what makes this title so interesting, the gameplay and story being […]

hot shots golf playstation psone ps3 psn camelot software mario golf sonic team (2)

Today in History: April 30th, 1998 – Hot Shots Golf Changed Golf Gaming Forever on PSOne

Looking back and seeing how great game series started is easy, it was much harder back then to pick what games would become a series unto their own though.  Take Hot Shots Golf by Sony for the Playstation One (we called it simply, Playstation back then).  When this game was released, it was kind of […]

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