Multiplayer Mayhem Hits the Playstation NetworkToday With Dollar Dash by Kalypso Media

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Multiplayer, single screen, battles that get the blood pumping are what we want to see more of and Kalypso Media is obliging us with Dollar Dash.  Featuring wild and wacky characters that are “similar” to more well known entertainment properties, players are tasked with just blowing the heck out of each other and scoring the highest while avoiding armaments of everyone else.

Featuring 18 multiplayer maps, Dollar Dash keeps the emphasis on mayhem, that is for sure.  Collecting cash and getting the most out of the level, by depositing it in your get away car, is the name of the game here.

Dollar Dash by Kalypso Media
Platform: Playstation Network
Genre: Overhead Multiplayer Mayhem
Rated: Everyone 10+
Available now on the Playstation Network.

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