Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Exclusive Shots for Playstation 3

metal gear revengeance konami playstation 3 (17)

Metal Gear, the series that Konami simply cannot mess up, well sure they could if they really tried but let’s face it, they could name a Bejeweled clone Metal Gear: Puzzle and it would still sell millions of copies.  Revengeance is the soon to be released latest game in the series for Playstation 3.

Check out these shots as we wait for it to come out.





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  • yami

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengance*

    • triverse

      Everything I have found points to it being spelled “Revengeance”, including the title screen in the game.

      • billbob

        Read his comment, then look at your article’s title, then look at its meta tag. Then look at the first picture in your article (the game’s logo). Kinda ironic, haha!

        • triverse

          lol, I see it now.

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