Labyrinth Legends Coming Soon to PS3 PSN

labrynth legends3

Growing up gaming on the Commodore 64 computer allowed me to check out a lot of interesting genre bending titles over the years, including but not limited to Sword of Fargoal.  Imagine my surprise to see Labyrinth Legends on the Playstation 3 PSN, coming in December (just a few weeks away).

Overhead, action-RPG trimmings and treasures galore await thee if thou accepts the challenge.  Yeah, that about sums up Labyrinth Legends for me.  Monsters are oversized, treasures immeasurably valuable and a hard soul is all you need in these dungeons.  Creat Studios have created 20 other titles for the PS3 PSN, they know their stuff.

“Creat Studios is delighted to present Labyrinth Legends as our 21st game for the PlayStation® Network,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, co-founder and CEO of Creat Studios Inc. “We continue our commitment to bring top-quality action and adventure to downloadable games on PlayStation® Network”.

Labyrinth Legends by Creat Studios
Platform: PS3 PSN
Genre: Overhead, action-RPG, dungeon crawl
Rated: T for Teen
Available December 19th (North America), December 21st (Europe) on the Playstation 3 PSN.

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