Bandit Gaming: Gensō Suikogaiden Volume 2 on Playstation One Fan Translation Released

suikogaiden volume 2 fan translation

Suikoden was one of those surprise releases on Playstation One back in the mid to late 1990′s from Konami. Having been lucky enough to play it when it first released helps with understanding the value of this fan translation of volume 2 of the digital/visual novels (think Choose Your Own Adventure books but in a game). Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou is now available thanks to The Suikogaiden Translation Project team (who also translated Volume 1 of this series).

What we have here, for those that don’t know (and that could be a lot of people reading this) is a visual novel that takes characters and story elements and continues the story from the other releases. Volume 2 is based about six months after the events that ended Suikogaiden II but continues the storyline from Volume 1′s hero, Nash.suikogaiden volume 2 fan translation playstation one (3)

If you have never checked out a visual novel (ever play Snatcher?) then definitely check this game out. Storyline wise, you may be lost but a quick hit on Wikipedia should help with any troublesome areas. We will continue to bring coverage of these type of titles to our readers if they prove popular.suikogaiden volume 2 fan translation playstation one (2)

Grab your patch file from The Suikogaiden Translation Project website today.

suikogaiden volume 2 fan translation playstation one (1)

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