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Adidas Power Soccer 98

Today in Retro Gaming: Adidas Power Soccer 98 (PS1)

Today in retro gaming, we celebrate the release of Adidas Power Soccer 98 for the original Playstation (so named because of its release on June 30, 1998, not because it was the 97th sequel in a series dating back to civil war times).  Now Adidas didn’t actually make the game themselves–they left that to Shen […]

Namco Museum Volume 4

Today in Retro Gaming: Namco Museum Vol. 4

If there was one company who absolutely threw themselves whole-heartedly into the “retro titles for current systems” melee, it was Namco.  While the likes of Taito, Midway, Capcom and SNK followed suit later, Namco led the charge for bringing the arcade experience back for home gamers with their Namco Museum series on the PS1.  So […]

atelier iris eternal mana playstation 2 nis america role playing game (2)

Today in History- June 28th, 2005: Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Comes to America

Strategy role playing games (RPG) have always been on the back burner for both developers and publishers in the console market.  While the reasons for this are unclear, it is clear that gamers that don’t speak/read Japanese fluently have missed out on a lot of good strategy RPG’s over the years.  Titles like Shining Force […]

disney's lilo and stitch playstation one 3d collect (2)

Today in History: June 18th, 2002- Disney’s Lilo and Stitch is Released on Playstation One

With Disney in the news lately thanks to their purchase of LucasFilms, and subsequent announcement that they are closing down LucasArts, it only made sense to cover this Disney movie licensed game. Disney isn’t all bad, they did license Capcom to remake Ducktales afterall (coming this Summer some time).

roswell conspiracies aliens vampires werewolves (2)

Today in History – June 13th, 2001: Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends Conspires With Your PSOne

Licensed properties and gaming have gone together since the beginning of gaming really.  We had E.T. (if ever so badly received, right or wrongly) and other movies like Porky’s, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others on the Atari 2600.  Television took a little longer to get into the licensing mix (who can name the first television […]


Hell Raid for Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360 Screens

Techland have released some new screens for their upcoming Playstation 3 hack and slash action title, Hell Raid (it is coming to PC and Xbox 360 too if you are interested). Featuring not only a story driven single player campaign, Hell Raid will also offer multiplayer modes with four players pitted against both enemies and […]

x-men vs street fighter psone (2)

Today in History – June 11th, 1998: X-Men vs. Street Fighter Limps Onto the PSOne

Capcom, ever the company to give gamers what they wanted in the 32-Bit days (unless you were a Sega Saturn gamer that is) were more than happy to oblige fans by dropping a, rather limited, version of X-Men vs Street Fighter into their grubby Playstation One playing hands.  Yes, this version of the game is […]

Rampage Through Time PSOne Midway Monsters (2)

Today in History – June 9th, 2000: Rampage Through Time Wreaks Havoc on PSOne

My first experience with a Rampage title was when my childhood friend (everyone has one that is your best friend as a kid) was staying over at my house that weekend and we were playing some new games he got.  Rampage for NES was one of those titles.  The idea of the Rampage series is […]

broken helix konami psone psx retro bruce campbell burn notice (1)

Today in History – June 8th, 1997: Broken Helix Brings Bruce Campbell to PSOne

Besides haveing a main character voiced by soon to be out of work Burn Notice co-star, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead star, a campy horror title that recently got, badly, remade). Konami was not scared to try new things back in the PSOne days, Broken Helix is not exactly their normal fare for games. Featuring “4-D” […]

The Hive on PS1

Today in Retro Gaming – The Hive (PS1)

Today in Retro Gaming, we give you The Hive. “What?  The Hive?  No…no, not The Hive…!” Yes…The Hive!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!

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