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A Glitch in the Machine – Five Great PS1 Bugs

Once upon a time, the closest a gaming company got to patching a console game was fixing the code and releasing a new version of the cartridge. Squaresoft did this with Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo, releasing a v1.1 that fixed a few problems including the infamous “Sketch” glitch, but it did so […]


Creat Studios is Having Massive Sale for Holidays

Creat Studios are lowering some of their biggest titles prices by 50% for their Holiday sales on the Playstation Network.  Full list below.

guardiansofmiddleearth title

Guardians of Middle Earth: The Hobbit Exclusive Screens

After reading the Hobbit oh so many years ago, and seeing the few movies based on it already (shoddy animation jobs) it is cool to see Bilbo’s adventure finally getting the treatment that The Lord of the Rings did awhile back.  Here are some exclusive shots from the DLC pack for Guardians of Middle Earth […]


Ong Bak Tri Exclusive Shots (You Will Want This Game When You See These)

Ong Bak Tri, a title that was completely unknown around here at Gamging on Sony, that is till more information became available for it. Based on the upcoming movie, Ong Bak Tri will be hitting PC, Android, iOS and console platforms, running on Unity Engine set in a 2.5D world, Ong Bak Tri looks interesting […]

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Zack Zero Brings Side Scrolling Action Gaming to the Playstation Network

2D, or in this case 2.5D, gaming is a genre that seems to never been given much of a chance.  During the 32-Bit era of the Playstation One and Sega Saturn (and even the Nintendo 64) it appeared that we were going to start getting these types of games regularly.  Nope.  Not quite.  There are […]

jak and daxter collection

Today in History: December 4th, 2001: Jak and Daxter Released on Playstation 2

I was a late 3D platformer blooming gamer, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with Super Mario 64 five years earlier and I was quite happy having missed out on so many “me too” titles over the years on various platforms such as PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. I simply was not interested in wandering around […]


Today in History: December 2nd, 2001- Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Released on Playstation 2

Overhead action role playing games are nothing new, after all, some of the best ones from gaming’s past were overhead action fests such as The Legend of Zelda on the original Nintendo (not till the Nintendo 64 did Link abandon 2D for the first time).  Games based on Dungeons and Dragons and Advanced Dungeons and […]


PSP Classics #1: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles by Konami

We have seen ports, updates and re-releases throughout gaming since the early days.  The early days were big on this method of cheap new games to sell to owners of newer hardware.  For the most part these re-releases are straight ports, maybe with a frame rate improvement of some sort (usually by virtue of being […]

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